De'd Dog Bar and Grill

Jasper's favourite local hang-out. 


Live music, quality comfort food and familiar faces. 


In 1927, 2 years after the Astoria Hotel was first built by Paul Andrew, the Astoria Bar was born.  From one of Jasper’s original Barber Shops, to Jasper’s first Radio Shack, to Joe Clark’s campaign office during his election for Canada’s Prime Minister, the Astoria Bar was a unique hub for the development of the town in it’s early stages.  Until 1995, when George Andrew, the son of the Astoria Hotels original manager, Socrates Andrew, dubbed the newly revamped Astoria Bar the De’d Dog Bar & Grill.


Presently, the De’d Dog Bar & Grill is without doubt one of Jasper’s most popular and loved places to eat, drink, unwind, meet with friends- or just hang out in general.  After a day of doing what you love in the snow, in the mountains, on the river, on your bike, whatever, the De’d Dog is the spot to gather and swap stories and share moments for what we love to do while in beautiful Jasper.  We like to think that we capture the vibe of what Jasper is all about here;  A local community of like-minded people who enjoy what nature has to offer.  A place that evokes a strong respect for the essence of mountain culture.  And most importantly, a place that’s absent of ego or confrontation where everyone and anyone can come to socialize with new and old friends.


In the future, near and far, the De’d Dog will continue to progress towards satisfying our beloved customers.  We will continue to bring you great music, serve you delicious food, and pour you refreshing beverages.  Like a fine wine, the De’d Dog will continue to develop character and flavour as time goes on.  With the help of new people, customers and friends, You and the De’d Dog will continue a relationship like two young friends growing old together, until we’re both De’d as Dogs!